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New Beginnings: One on One Call with Susie

90-minute session with Susie to set up your new year for success, according to what YOU would like to accomplish and experience.

97.00 GBP

Courage, Risks and Rewards Self-study Program

In this self-study programme, you will explore 5 key areas that will help you find the courage to take new risks and reap great rewards.

You will examine the concept of risk and break it down into specific, manageable steps. And you will look at risk from different perspectives and explore how the rewards for taking chances far outweigh the costs. This training will open new doors to exciting opportunities!

97.00 GBP

Confident YOU! Self-study Program

In this self-study programme, you are going to learn several key points about the concept of confidence that you can implement right away. This course is broken down into the following components:

  • What is confidence?
  • Confidence boosters – things you can say and do
  • Confidence zappers – the things in life that zap our confidence
  • Celebrating ourselves – who you are, what makes you truly unique
  • How we show up and the energy we give off
97.00 GBP

Be Bold! Simple Steps to Building Your Confidence

When you lack confidence, you’re putting yourself in jeopardy of losing the success you’re capable of before you even begin to try. This self-directed course, Be Bold: Simple Steps to Building Your Confidence, guides you through the maze of building the confidence you need to get you through almost anything in life you’re trying to accomplish.
97.00 GBP

Get Over It! How to Stop Worrying

Worry is an epidemic that affects most of us every day. It causes doubts and fears and keeps us from accomplishing all we can with the life we were given. Take the techniques and information offered in this program and begin today to rid yourself of worry once and for all.
47.00 GBP

Serenity: How to Keep Calm and Reduce Stress

This product gives you the tools that you need to limit your body’s reaction to today’s stress through an understanding of why those reactions occur.

47.00 GBP

Simple and Fun Goal Setting Strategies

Goals that are the most fun to set and reach usually possess two golden qualities: 1) they are attainable, yet stretch you out of your comfort zone; and 2) they should always be in alignment with your most important values.

This step-by-step guide will help you to set goals that advance you towards attaining your dream lifestyle and business!

47.00 GBP

Social Media Planner

Learn best practices for using social media along with practical tools for creating your own unique strategy. 

27.00 GBP