“Also I wanted to say - THANK YOU SO MUCH - for giving me that extra time this morning - I went away feeling on top of the world - and it has helped me enjoy the rest of my day so much more.”

A.A. - London




If you’re at the stage of your life to make a change but don’t know how to go about it, then this website may be the one you’ve been looking for! and Acer Coaching can help you take those important steps.
We will help you determine your appropriate strategy and tactics, suitable for your business while developing a clear set of goals and objectives, so that you are equipped to enjoy the outcomes you desire.

Be the person you want to be …..

"Are you looking to make a major change but unsure as to how to take the first step?"

...and become the success you know you are!

We, at Acer Coaching Associates, provide you and your business with expert advice and assistance, offering you performance enhancement consulting services. Focusing solely on what you make and sell is no longer enough. Be it any business, in today’s competitive and commercialised market sector, profitability can anytime sink down to marginality.

Acer coaching Associates offers a positive and comprehensive life - coaching services to client - both individuals and corporates - including indiviually tailored programmes for:-

  • Health and fitness including diet
  • Image Consultant/life Makeover
  • Youth Coaching Programme
  • Pre-retirement Coaching
  • Redundancy Coaching
  • Stress Management
  • Team Building
  • Work/ life Balance

Skills sets are also available for:

  • C.V. Design
  • Interview Preparation
  • job Search strategy
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